Scary Sinkholes

You might have seen movies showing houses flying with balloons. But have you seen houses sinking into the ground. Sinkholes are scary natural depressions that can swallow cars, humans and even houses. It could happen near a running water source or even at high or dry places. Sinkholes can occur due to formation of voids inside the ground. These voids could be formed due to the following reasons:

  • Ground water could dissolve carbonates from the soil.
  • Chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks.
  • Collapse of abandoned mines.

These sinkholes could be of diameter ranging from 1 m to 600 m. The recent sinkhole was witnessed in Florida where portion of a central Florida resort villa and the Summer Bay Resort partially collapsed into a sinkhole on 12th August, 2013. The hole was 60 ft wide and occurred overnight causing severe damage to three buildings which had already been evacuated. Similar cases were witnessed in Hoboken, Washington, Los Angeles, Montreal, Beijing etc. Have a look of these scary sinkholes!