The Enchanted Land

Imagine a land where you sleep at one place and wake up to find yourself at a different place without even noticing that you moved! What’ll you call this place? Enchanted? What if such a place exists on our earth? To your surprise it exists. Though this is not as fast as you might imagine and it takes long time for moving but still is surprising to see the tracks that are made by such movements.

Racetrack Playa at the Death Valley in California, is one such place where you’ll find long tracks of moving stones but you’ll never find a stone really moving. The stones called sailing stones weighing from a few hundreds of grams to a few hundreds of kilograms inscribe visible tracks while sailing on the Playa surface. Nobody has actually seen these stones in motion but these tracks have been formed without any human or animal intervention. Have a look at these.

The tracks are of different lengths, and directions. Some are short while others are as long as 1500 feet. Some are straight while some show great bends and changes in direction. It is quite mysterious to think that nobody has seen these stones in motion but the long tracks show their movements. How do we explain this?

Is it really enchanted or is there a scientific explanation for this? There are many theories. Some say it could be because of the gravity. But this theory was discarded as many stones have shown tracks to have climbed uphill. Some have suggested of presence of an underground lake beneath the Playa, causing all these movements. While some geologists suggest that it is a rare combination of rain and water that is causing these stones to move.

Till now none of the theories have been found to fully explain the phenomenon. So you’re free to give your own hypothesis for the same. Please comment your hypothesis…