Real Hogwarts Castle??

Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, the fictional school of Harry Potter is what every Harry potter fan dreams about. What if its real and you can really feel the magical castle! Though the Harry Potter movies are shot at different locations and studios, you can really see the Hogwarts castle. How? Well here’s the answer!

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Universal Studios Orlando – Islands of Adventure is the best place you can go to live your dream of Hogwarts.


Here you can not only see the beautiful castle but also feel the magic within the castle. You can see the talking portraits, you may find Hogwarts students in their uniforms and much more. If you are too lucky, you can even meet the stars of Harry Potter movies as they give frequent visits to the place! Now you also have rides to make you feel like everything in Harry Potter’s world is real. You wanna see how it feels, check out these:

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