Flying cars!!

We have always imagined of a flying car but can we really have flying cars in future? If yes, then when? Future is closer than you think! What if I say we have a flying car we have always imagined? First we must understand what’s the difficulty in making a flying car.


The main problem with a flying car is that it should be able to take off vertically with balance, and it should be compact with light, small but efficient and powerful engine. It should be able to fly with speeds like planes and walk like normal cars on road. Paul Moller an engineer put 75 million Dollars to make his dream of flying cars real. He modified smaller engines called Wankel, to power four propellers that navigates the car in all directions and helped the car take off vertically. He developed highly complex software to maintain balance when taking off vertically.


Moller M400 Skycar is what he names his creation – A car that can fly! He expects that in next 20 years we’ll be having formal air vehicles that could be used by police, ambulance and common people. So we can hope to see cars flying in air in the coming years! Moller_Skycar_M400