The Curtain Philosophy

People are so similar yet so different. See how you can be a better person than you were yesterday and develop a perspective that helps you be who you want to be. Check out this post:

Semitransparent window curtains


The Perfect Destination

About the blog“This blog is about the things that are interesting to me, and what is interesting to all of us, games, books, movies, travelling, knowing people across the globe, strange facts, and whatever my thoughts permit!!”

More elaborately, I would like to post about the latest/coming games, movies, books etc. I will post my personal views regarding the topic and expect my viewers to give their personal opinions (via comments). Also, I would be posting some strange facts that you might find interesting. There will be articles about tourism… What else? Yes food! I’ll be writing about the food stuffs at different places…

I guess, I’ll be speaking my mind through this blog.

My aim is that whenever you visit this blog, there’s something new here and you find something to think and talk about in your peaceful lives!

I hope I can keep up with this promise!