List of All the Geothermal features at Yellowstone National Park

I found that many of my viewers were searching for the names of various geysers at Yellowstone National Park.

Here’s the full list (courtesy Wikipedia).

Geothermal features of Yellowstone:
Name Location Image
A-0 Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.543109°N 110.796341°W
Abyss Pool West Thumb Geyser Basin
44.418250°N 110.572571°W
Anemone Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.46273°N 110.8289°W
Anemone Geyser.jpg
Artemisia Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.478241°N 110.848831°W
Artemisia Geyser YNP.JPG
Artesia Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.544106°N 110.784207°W
Artesia Geyser (Yellowstone NP).jpg
Atomizer Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.478124°N 110.849104°W
Atomizer Geyser (Yellowstone NP).jpg
Aurum Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.464575°N 110.829458°W
Aurum geyser.jpg
Azure Spring Lower Geyser Basin
44.561028°N 110.832194°W
Azure spring.jpg
Baby Daisy Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.481796°N 110.850667°W
Beach Geyser West Thumb Geyser Basin
44°24′55″N 110°34′09″W
Bead Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.543823°N 110.795211°W
Bead Geyser-Schmidt1977.jpg
Beauty Pool Upper Geyser Basin
44.468544°N 110.838822°W
Beauty pool.jpg
Beehive Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.462989°N 110.829934°W
Beehive geyser 2.jpg
Belgian Pool Upper Geyser Basin
44°27′58″N 110°50′13″W
Belgian Pool UGB YNP1.jpg
Bellefontaine Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44°35′00″N 110°49′03″W
Beryl Spring Gibbon Geyser Basin
44.679102°N 110.746877°W
Beryl spring.jpg
Big Alcove Spring Norris Geyser Basin
44.718889°N 110.706944°W
Big Alcove Spring.jpg
Big Cone West Thumb Geyser Basin
44°24′38″N 110°34′44″W
Big cone.jpg
Big Cub Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.4666°N 110.834100°W
Big cub geyser.jpg
Bijou Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.471322°N 110.840489°W
Black Pool West Thumb Geyser Basin
44.417995°N 110.571873°W
Black pool.jpg
Black Growler Norris Geyser Basin
44°43′00″N 110°42′03″W
Black Opal Pool Upper Geyser Basin
44.485077°N 110.853514°W
Black Opal Spring in Biscuit Basin.JPG
Blue Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44.729197°N 110.701349°W
Botryoidal Spring Lower Geyser Basin
44.534882°N 110.799529°W
Box Spring Lower Geyser Basin
44.543425°N 110.795387°W
Brilliant Pool Upper Geyser Basin
44.470113°N 110.844416°W
Bronze Geyser Shoshone Geyser Basin
44°21′13″N 110°47′57″W
Bulger Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°27′57″N 110°50′14″W
Bulger Geyser-Keller1964.jpg
Butterfly Spring Upper Geyser Basin
44.463678°N 110.827983°W
Cascade Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.462471°N 110.828983°W
Cascade Geyser-Bower1998.jpg
Castle Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.463822°N 110.834100°W
Yellowstone Castle Geysir Edit.jpg
Catfish Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44°31′08″N 110°49′39″W
Cauliflower Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.483457°N 110.850398°W
Chain Lake Group Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′22″N 110°50′33″W
Chimney Cone Upper Geyser Basin
44°29′00″N 110°50′14″W
Chimney Cone UGB YNP1.jpg
Churn Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°29′00″N 110°50′14″W
Clepsydra Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.554100°N 110.810489°W
Clepsydra geyser.jpg
Cliff Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°27′43″N 110°51′15″W
Cliff Geyser (Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park).jpg
Comet Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.470182°N 110.844400°W
Comet geyser.jpg
Constant Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44°43′55″N 110°42′33″W
Coral Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.462613°N 110.852970°W
Corporal Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44°42′00″N 110°41′03″W
Corporal Geyser-Pittenger1972.jpg
Crested Pool Upper Geyser Basin
44°27′50″N 110°50′12″W
Crested Pool.JPG
Chromatic Spring Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′06″N 110°50′21″W
Daisy Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.469933°N 110.844934°W
Daisy Geyser erupting in Yellowstone National Park edit.jpg
Dilemma Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.535187°N 110.799677°W
Deluge Geyser Heart Lake Geyser Basin
44°18′22″N 110°31′38″W
Depression Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.463020°N 110.830488°W
Yellowstone depression geyser 20100825 154824 2.jpg
Dragon’s Mouth Spring Hayden Valley
44.625156°N 110.434862°W
Doublet Pool Upper Geyser Basin
44.464319°N 110.829624°W
Doublet Pool in Yellowstone.jpg
Ebony Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44.729535°N 110.705745°W
Ebony Geyser1969.jpg
Echinus Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44.722435°N 110.70132°W
Echinus geyser.jpg
Economic Geyser Crater Upper Geyser Basin
44°29′00″N 110°50′03″W
Economic Geyser.JPG
Emerald Spring Norris Geyser Basin
44.699936°N 110.684097°W
Emerald spring in yellowstone.jpg
Excelsior Geyser Midway Geyser Basin
44.526322°N 110.836878°W
Excelsior geyser.jpg
Fan and Mortar Geysers Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′28″N 110°50′33″W
Yellowstone Fan and Mortar Geysers.jpg
Fearless Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44°42′00″N 110°41′03″W
Fishing Cone West Thumb Geyser Basin
44°25′06″N 110°34′03″W
Fishing cone.jpg
Flood Geyser Midway Geyser Basin
44°31′45″N 110°49′43″W
Fountain Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.554100°N 110.811878°W
Fountain geyser.jpg
Fountain Paint Pots Lower Geyser Basin
44°33′01″N 110°48′24″W
Fountain paint pots yellowstone.jpg
Giant Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.471322°N 110.840489°W
Giant Geyser.JPG
Giantess Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′30″N 110°50′13″W
Grand Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.4666°N 110.838267°W
Grand geyser and vent geyser in Yellowstone National park.jpg
Great Fountain Geyser Midway Geyser Basin
44°32′08″N 110°47′53″W
Grand Prismatic Spring Midway Geyser Basin
44.525028°N 110.838278°W
Grand prismatic spring.jpg
Green Dragon Spring Norris Geyser Basin
44.720049°N 110.70708°W
Green Dragon Spring at Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone.JPG
Grotto Fountain Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′20″N 110°50′30″W
Grotto fountain geyser 20100825 173237 1.jpg
Grotto Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′19″N 110°50′32″W
Yellowstone Geyser Grotto10.jpg
Imperial Geyser Midway Geyser Basin
44°31′53″N 110°52′40″W
Infant Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.463715°N 110.828357°W
Jet Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.554100°N 110.811878°W
Jet Geyser.JPG
Jewel Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°29′5.66″N 110°51′22.26″W
Jewel Geyser Upper Basin.jpg
Kaleidoscope Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.554389°N 110.813246°W
King Geyser West Thumb Geyser Basin
44.418942°N 110.572004°W
Labial Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.543674°N 110.795283°W
Lakeshore Geyser West Thumb Geyser Basin
44.416765°N 110.569894°W
Ledge Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44.727691°N 110.703178°W
Lion Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.46408°N 110.83102°W
Heart Spring and Lion Geyser in Yellowstone NP.jpg
Lioness Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′00″N 110°50′03″W
Little Cub Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′00″N 110°50′03″W
Little Giant Geyser Shoshone Geyser Basin
44°21′23″N 110°47′51″W
LittleGiantGeyserVent-Shoshone Geyser Basin.jpg
Lone Star Geyser Lone Star Geyser Basin
44°25′05″N 110°48′26″W
Mammoth Hot Springs 44.969094°N 110.707769°W Dead trees at Mammoth Hot Springs.jpg
Midget Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.462830°N 110.82933°W
Minute Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44.725029°N 110.706171°W
Minute Man Geyser Shoshone Geyser Basin
44.354755°N 110.798413°W
Model Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.463438°N 110.829607°W
Monarch Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44°43′00″N 110°42′03″W
Monument Geyser Gibbon Geyser Basin
44°41′00″N 110°45′13″W
Monument Geyser-Johnsson1963.jpg
Morning Glory Pool Upper Geyser Basin
44.475°N 110.843611°W
Morning Glory Pool.jpg
Mud Geyser Hayden Valley
44°37′29″N 110°26′03″W
Mud Volcano Hayden Valley
44°37′23″N 110°25′55″W
Narcissus Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.543865°N 110.800247°W
Oblong Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′09″N 110°50′25″W
Yellowstone oblong geyser erupting 20100825 170005 1 crop.jpg
Occasional Geyser West Thumb Geyser Basin
44°25′20″N 110°34′27″W
Occasional Geyser-Herkenham.jpg
Ojo Caliente Spring Lower Geyser Basin
44°33′46″N 110°50′19″WCoordinates: 44°33′46″N 110°50′19″W
Old Faithful Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.459167°N 110.826111°W
Old Faithfull-pdPhoto.jpg
Opal Pool Midway Geyser Basin
44.526673°N 110.83879°W
Opal Pool YNP2.jpg
Opalescent Pool Upper Geyser Basin
44.463176°N 110.853363°W
Opalescent Pool.JPG
Orange Spring Mound Mammoth Hot Springs
44.966474°N 110.714887°W
Orange Spring Mound in Yellowstone National Park 2 edit 1.jpg
Pearl Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44°44′00″N 110°42′03″W
Pearl Geyser-1969.jpg
Penta Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°27′57″N 110°50′12″W
Penta Geyser UGB YNP1.jpg
Pink Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.543375°N 110.796335°W
Pink Cone Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.543823°N 110.795211°W
Pink cone geyser.jpg
Porkchop Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44.722124°N 110.708103°W
Pump Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.463941°N 110.82937°W
Pump geyser.jpg
Rainbow Pool Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′15″N 110°51′33″W
Riverside Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.473544°N 110.840489°W
Riverside Geyser 1959.jpg
Rocket Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.471913°N 110.841761°W
Rosette Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.56963°N 110.865182°W
Rustic Geyser Heart Lake Geyser Basin
44°16′56″N 110°30′23″W
Sapphire Pool Upper Geyser Basin
44°29′07″N 110°51′20″W
Sawmill Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°27′55″N 110°50′13″W
Semi-Centennial Geyser Obsidian Cliff
44°47′09″N 110°44′26″W
Silex Spring Lower Geyser Basin
44.550186°N 110.805849°W
Silex spring in yellowstone.jpg
Shield Geyser Shoshone Geyser Basin
44°21′18″N 110°47′53″W
Snort Geyser Lower Geyser Basin44.29056°N 108.22806°W
Solitary Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.468826°N 110.828362°W
Spa Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.472443°N 110.841919°W
Spasm Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.551041°N 110.808642°W
Spasm Geyser-Marler1961.jpg
Spasmodic Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.46556°N 110.83528°W
Spindle Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.531601°N 110.795488°W
Splendid Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.470205°N 110.844653°W
Splendid geyser yellowstone national park.jpg
Sponge Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°27′49″N 110°49′46″W
Spouter Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44°28′00″N 110°52′03″W
Spouter Geyser-Schmidt1977.jpg
Spray Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44°31′53″N 110°52′27″W
Steady Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44°32′41″N 110°47′15″W
Steamboat Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44.7243°N 110.7054°W
Surprise Pool Lower Geyser Basin
44°32′10″N 110°48′02″W
Surprise Pool-Robinson1972.jpg
Sulphur Spring Hayden Valley
44°39′15″N 110°28′53″W
Tardy Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.465373°N 110.83645°W
Tardy Geyser-LaRue1976.jpg
Turban Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.4666°N 110.834100°W
Grand and vent geysers.jpg
Turquoise Pool Midway Geyser Basin
44.526631°N 110.837675°W
Turquoise Pool YNP1.jpg
Twin Geysers West Thumb Geyser Basin
44°25′00″N 110°34′19″W
Union Geyser Shoshone Geyser Basin
44°21′09″N 110°47′58″W
Union Geyser-Beal1955.jpg
Valentine Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44°43′40″N 110°42′04″W
Vent Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.466877°N 110.837156°W
Grand and vent geysers.jpg
Veteran Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44.723044°N 110.705635°W
Vixen Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44°44′00″N 110°42′03″W
Vixen Geyser at Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone.JPG
West Sprinkler Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.554255°N 110.811075°W
West Triplet Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.466378°N 110.836998°W
West Triplet Geyser UGB YNP1.jpg
Whirligig Geyser Norris Geyser Basin
44°44′00″N 110°42′03″W
Whistle Geyser Upper Geyser Basin
44.462281°N 110.852532°W
Whistler Geyser Joseph’s Coat Springs Thermal Area
44°44′17″N 110°19′37″W
White Dome Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44°32′20″N 110°48′10″W
White Dome Geyser near Firehole Lake Drive in Yellowstone.JPG
Young Hopeful Geyser Lower Geyser Basin
44.549934°N 110.817433°W
Young Hopeful Geyser detail.jpg

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